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Sprint Visual Voicemail

Q: I don’t think my Sprint Visual Voicemail is working properly, how do I fix it?

A: This actually occurs on quite a few stock-based ROMs. There is a nice tutorial I wrote over at G&E that will help you solve your problem.

[If you are viewing this on the SOS App, you are going to have to click the “See original story” button at the bottom of the post to follow the link]


Random App Force Closes

Q: Why is [an app] FC’g (Force Closing) all the time?

A: There is a fix. It is quite common that some apps (Market, Superuser, Camera) may need it and this fix is actually required for the ICS Google Music. Before I get to the fix, if Gmail or Facebook or something else that shouldn’t be FC’g is FC’g – you need to wipe and re-flash.

The fix: Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > then either use the Downloaded tab for apps you would get from the Market (like Google Music) or All for system apps (like Superuser and Market) > find the misbehaving app and select it > select Force stop (if this is an option you can select) > (magic step) then hit Clear data (don’t worry these apps either don’t carry much data, or sync with the cloud, you won’t be losing anything important) > you should be good, but a reboot wouldn’t hurt > Enjoy!

Sprint Hotspot Unlocked

Q: Is the Sprint Hotspot included with this ROM unlocked? If I use it, will I be charged $29.99 a month?

A: The Sprint Hotspot is indeed unlock. When using this application, you will face no charges from Sprint for wireless hotspot use. It should be noted, wired tether is included in the PC Connection menu and is included in SOS as well.

Remember, though, that 4G does not work with the unlocked Sprint Hotspot. An app like Wireless Tether for Root Users (included in the Essential App Pack) will let you use broadcast your 4G to other devices.